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Pipette Calibration

Flinders Biomedical Engineering has a NATA accredited

Piston Operated Volumetric Apparatus (POVA)

testing facility for pipette calibration.


Calibration of piston operated pipettes

by the methods of ISO 8655-6

NATA Accreditation number: 13967


Pipette calibration bench

Pipette calibration bench


Pipette Calibration

- Single and multi channel pipettes

- Multiple pipette brands

- 1 to 10,000 microlitre

- Full calibration with 10 aliquots at each volume

- Repairs depend on availability of parts.


Send decontaminated pipettes to FBE with an authorised pipette calibration request:

Pipette Calibration Request/Decontamination Certificate


Discount available for large numbers of pipettes.

Recommended pipette calibration regime:
- Annual service and full pipette calibration
- Follow up tests every three months

For information on calibrating your pipettes within Australia contact info@fbe.com.au.


The pipette calibration facility is purpose designed with:

  • anti-vibration table
  • dedicated, precision balances
  • traceable masses
  • monitored temperature, barometric pressure and humidity

Calibration Tip

Water density must be corrected for the temperature of the room given that 1 millilitre of pure water has a mass of 1 gram at 4 degC. It must also be corrected for humidity and pressure.


NATA accredited pipette
calibration facility

NATA certification

Examples of pipettes calibrated:

    • Axygen
    • Brand
    • Eppendorf
    • Finn
    • Labmate
    • Mettler
    • Nichiryo
    • Ovation
    • Proline Biohit
    • Rainen
    • Socorex
    • Thermo



Line of pipettes

Multiple pipette brands are calibrated



Pipette terminology

A pipette can also be called a pipet, pipettor, pipetter, chemical dropper, or piston operated volumetric apparatus (POVA).
It is a laboratory instrument used to transport a measured volume of liquid.
alternative spelling pipet
plural pipettes, pipets
from French pipette (little pipe)



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