SA BME Clinical Engineering

Clinical Engineering Support

  • Responsible for a range of timely remedial and maintenance services, advice, assistance and guidance in relation to critical biomedical devices and systems.
  • Provide specialised technical services, advice, assistance and guidance on very complex and major biomedical breakdowns and the availability, application and maintenance of current and emerging technology in relation to biomedical devices and systems.
  • Apply specialist expertise across a range of biomedical technology and research.
SA Biomedical Engineering has extensive experience
  • Biomedical device acquisition and disposal
  • Specification preparation.
  • Preparation of written specifications for the purchase of assets or contracted services
  • Tender assessment
  • Including technical, financial and operational assessment of tenders submitted for the supply of assets or services
  • Commissioning newly acquired biomedical devices
  • Decommissioning of retiring biomedical devices
  • Technology support
  • Planned maintenance
  • Unscheduled maintenance
  • Clinical services
  • Advice during or prior to a clinical procedure
  • Modification of biomedical devices to suit specialist clinical needs
  • Management of medical devices that are connected to IT infrastructure

Clinical Group

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